Driving Change Across the Automotive Industry

In this presentation, Bridget Grewal, Director of Packaging Contiuous Improvement, Magna, discusses how the company is driving change across the automotive industry, with a focus on sustainability, sensor technology, and transportation standardization.

Bridget Grewal
Packaging Director, Continuous Improvement, Magna International

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Here's a Preview of What You'll Learn:

  • How standardization and industry guidelines are driving toward "Neutral Waste to Landfill" initiative by 2030
  • How sensor technology is increasing collaboration and reducing expendable packaging
  • How transportation strategies are reducing CO2 emissions and truckload optimizations
"One thing that I have as a philosophy is that I can make a difference. It might be something that a limited amount of people know about, but I think if everybody made a difference and if they took something that they're passionate about and started getting their knowledge stronger, so that they can share it with other people, I think that that's how we're going to be able to move as fast as we need to."
Bridget Grewal
Packaging Director, Continuous Improvement, Magna International

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