Reinventing Supply Chain through Cost Savings and Innovation

In this presentation, Aron Kolosik, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Central Garden & Pet, discusses the company's digital strategy to rethink the supply chain, by driving cost optimizations and innovation.

Aron Kolosik
Chief Supply Chain Officer, Central Garden & Pet

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Here's a Preview of What You'll Learn:

  • How Central Garden & Pet is driving cost reduction by looking at new opportunities in transportation spend, cost of materials, and packaging costs
  • Why focuses on innovation is helping to drive both growth and cost savings
  • The role technology plays in supply chain reinvention
We've created a technology ecosystem where I'm not waiting on technology. And that's why I really like Specright. That's why I'm here is because they're great partners when it comes to that. We work together.
Aron Kolosik
Chief Supply Chain Officer, Central Garden & Pet

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