10 Questions About Specright That Will Make You Want a Demo

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May 16, 2016
Laura Foti
CMO, Specright

At Specright, we receive many good questions from companies wanting to learn more about our solutions for specification management, but in particular, questions around how Specright helps companies to better manage packaging specifications. We’ve gathered the best ones together in one place to provide a quick overview of how Specright helps companies reduce costs and drive efficiencies by making it easier to share, analyze and audit their specifications.

1. What is Specright?

Specright offers an intelligent approach to specification management by providing a solution fully capable of managing specifications end-to-end. Whether it is packaging, formulas or other specifications, Specright empowers cost reductions and efficiencies by enabling easy sharing, analyzing and auditing of specifications - anywhere, anytime, on any device.

2. How easy is it to share specifications, internally and with external suppliers?

Using Specright, it is easy to share specifications both internally, with key stakeholders and externally, with partners and vendors. Internal key stakeholders, in areas such as marketing, engineering, quality, or purchasing, are all able to access specs anywhere, anytime. Through various permission settings, these internal stakeholders are able to upload, approve, edit, or view specifications. Specification data and documents are shared externally to suppliers/vendors via the Specright Exchange. Through the Exchange, suppliers are given limited access to designated specifications for bidding or review purposes.

3. What is the benefit of using Specright to audit specifications?

According to a survey by the FDA, the root cause for 35% of FDA recalls is failure to meet labeling requirements. Recalls are expensive in terms of real dollars, brand damage, and lost sales. Additionally, while it is difficult to find statistics, damaged packaging plays a large part in supplier returns in everything from food items to consumer products.

By using Specright, companies gain two-fold: 1. Audits of specifications stored in Specright can be requested/performed at any time against the actual physical item. 2. Once audits are preformed, claims for damage resulting from out-of-spec product can be quickly and efficiently resolved.

4. How robust is the analytics feature within Specright?

The analytics/reporting functions in Specright enable companies to easily identify consolidation opportunities, evaluate sustainability goals, monitor usage by location, and much more. Since Specright is an attribute-based platform, all data points within the system can be analyzed. Reports are easy to build, with simple drag-and-drop functionality to add columns and filter your results. Executive level dashboards consisting of charts, graphs and matrices can be created quickly from data. And, if needed, data can be exported to Excel/csv files with one click.

5. How long does it take to input specifications into Specright?

Very fast, depending on what data you have, how organized it is, and how fast you need it. We have even normalized and input the data for 4,000 specifications in 3 days before!

6. Are there tools/templates to use to enter specs into Specright?

There are several ways to enter specs into the platform –

  • As a customer, companies can bulk upload spec data into their account in seconds using excel/csv files
  • Specifications found within existing systems (ERM/PLM) can be integrated directly into Specright
  • Use Specright’s Engineering Services team to upload your data & documents

7. Who is an ideal customer for Specright?

Any company that grows or produces a product will find Specright an ideal solution for managing the packaging, formula or other specifications for their product(s).

8. How much does Specright cost?

Pricing for Specright is a monthly subscription fee based on the number of specifications, users, and features needed. Engineering services are charged on a per project basis.

9. How easy is it to integrate with other systems in a typical company network?

Integrating Specright with existing systems will depend upon which systems need to be integrated, what information needs to be integrated, how often it needs to be transferred and what the desired result will be. Built on the platform, there are a number of different APIs available, as well as direct data integration.

10. How secure is the specification data once it is input into Specright?

The Specright platform offers banking level security. All customer data is stored on carrier-class disk storage using RAID disks and multiple data paths. All customer data, up to the last committed transaction, is automatically backed up to a primary tape library on a nightly basis. Backup tapes are immediately cloned to verify their integrity, and the clones are moved to secure, fire-resistant, off-site storage on a regular basis.

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Laura Foti

Laura leads marketing and investor relations at Specright. Prior to Specright, she led advertising and analytics at GE Digital, GE’s Industrial Internet software business. Before that, she was a consultant at Deloitte Digital working in enterprise digital transformation, where she helped clients design and deploy eCommerce experiences, develop revenue-driving mobile apps, and reimagine their global digital marketing strategy. Laura was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for marketing and advertising and Brand Innovators 40 Under 40 and 100 Women to Watch lists. She graduated from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. She resides in Newport Beach, CA.

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