New to Specright: Document Broadcast, Pricing Tables, New Product Development Module, and More

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June 9, 2021

Specright is excited to announce several new capabilities and features included in Release 13.0, including: Specright Network Document Broadcast, Pricing Tables, the New Product Development Module, and IQ User Interface Improvements.Thanks to our users for the valuable feedback and insights they provide, helping us to expand the Specright platform and add a robust catalog of functionality. Welcome to Release 13.0

The Specright Network: Document Broadcast

The Specright Network is a revolutionary platform that redefines the way brands, suppliers and retailers work to bring products to market. The Document Broadcast feature is the first of many features rolling out on the Specright Network. It allows any member of the network (i.e. a supplier or brand) to share a document, such as Product Catalog or Design Guide, with other Network members.Once a document record is published to the Network, it can be searched and downloaded by any other member of the Network. Users can search for documents based on type or by keywords, and can either preview the document right from the Specright screen, or download the attachment, if one exists.Members can also access the directory of all other members on the network, with details such as the address, website information and primary contact details. This means you have access to pre-vetted, reliable suppliers, manufacturers and retailers, allowing you to quickly pivot and build a more resilient supply chain in case of disruption.Today, brands and suppliers exchange information primarily over emails. There are various types of documents that need to be shared between the different parties to the supply chain, such as Product Catalogs, Certificates, Compliance Documents, Artwork Guidelines, and more. Collaborating over email is excruciatingly slow and impossible to keep track of. The Document Broadcast feature on Specright Network simplifies this communication. It easily tracks shared documents and shares the most updated versions as they become available, ensuring that the members are not accessing inaccurate documents. The Network also encourages the use of standard templates for popular artifacts, so communication is cohesive and data is easier to digest into your supply chain tech stack.[caption id="attachment_30790" align="aligncenter" width="710"]

Specright Network: Document Broadcast[/caption]

Pricing Tables

Our users store specification data for everything from packaging to ingredients to finished goods in Specright — and the majority of these items are sourced from outside vendors and suppliers. When sourcing these items, estimating cost and using that data to optimize can result in major cost savings. That estimation can either dictate the item pricing or be used in comparison to the supplier pricing to determine what your goods should cost. The Pricing Model feature in Specright provides a foundation for Specright customers to create custom pricing models. The Item Pricing object calculates and stores price estimations connected to individual specifications.Until now, there were no pre-built Pricing Model fields for specific price attributes in Specright, and there were no pre-built calculations. Since this can be used for many different materials and each customer will have their own pricing criteria, the specific models will be configured to suit your company’s specific use case. Say goodbye to going over budget and unprofitable products, and hello to intelligent costing.

New Product Development Module

The New Product Development module is Specright’s hub for planning and tracking NPD projects. With our two specialized features, Collection Versioning and Export to Finished Good, creating new products is easier than ever.The Collection Versioning feature allows users to create new versions of records during the product development process. For example, a user can link a formula to an NPD record, then create a new variation of the formula by cloning an existing version directly from the NPD record. During the versioning process, users will define the next version number and the record name (unless auto numbering is active). Collection versioning saves time and maintains data integrity during product development.When an NPD project is complete, Export to Finished Good allows users to create a new and complete Finished Good with the click of a button. Admins can define any fields from the details section that should be mapped over to the new Finished Good, and users will be able to choose which (if any) related lists they want to include in the new Finished Good. [caption id="attachment_30803" align="aligncenter" width="634"]

Export to Finished Good[/caption][caption id="attachment_30805" align="aligncenter" width="641"]

Collection Versioning[/caption]

IQ User Interface Improvements

IQ currently provides recommendations based on the savings factors for updates to packaging attributes such as the ECT, the Flute and Color. The IQ screen on Specright has been updated to match the new UI theme on the rest of the site, making the product easier to navigate and better the user experience for this update. Other UI enhancements include:

  1. Highlighting the key numbers at the top of the screen. This includes Total Number of Recommendations, Number of Impacted Specifications and Potential Annual Savings ($), so you can easily find important data points.
  2. Replacing multi-page views with “infinite scrolling” for a better user navigation experience.

[caption id="attachment_30799" align="aligncenter" width="767"]

IQ Interface[/caption]


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