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Companies are struggling to meet the ever-changing demands of packaging sustainability legislation because of sustainability data gaps or missing supplier documents. Specright Network will streamline supplier data and document sharing making the best sustainable practices easier across your supply chain.

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August 17, 2023
Danielle Goad
Specright Network Manager, Specright

So far in 2023, there are 500+ proposed Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations or similar packaging legislation,  with implementations already in 25 EU member states and five US state.All of which affect how companies have to approach packaging across the globe. With the ever-changing regulations, there is more pressure than ever for companies to work toward decarbonizing their supply chains.

The global landscape of sustainability regulations for packaging is costly and companies are struggling to address it. Whether it's EPR schemes, plastic taxes, or running Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) to better understand the lasting impact of products, the key to sustainability compliance is having the right material specification data and documentation.

Challenges in Industry Related to Sustainability

Companies are quickly finding that there is a huge gap in their sustainability data because they don’t actually own their specification data – their suppliers do.

As a result, suppliers are rushing to find the right specification data, documents, and certifications to send to their clients. With no easy or standardized way for suppliers to share documents with companies, suppliers are growing frustrated trying to keep track of different excel templates and formats clients demand as well as the different data required for the latest sustainability regulations. Suppliers often find that they are sending one-off information to one client when really it’s information all their clients should have.

With constant versioning of specifications and expiring certifications, companies are not always confident that the documents they are receiving are the most accurate and up-to-date. This back and forth between suppliers and companies leads to duplicate efforts, delayed processes, and under preparation to meet packaging regulations. This opens companies up to risk, both to meet consumer demands but also financially.

It’s time to end the frustration around sustainable packaging compliance.That’s why Specright Network is paving the way for a standardized and streamlined approach for suppliers and companies to proactively share documents, so we can finally close the sustainability data gap.

About Specright Network

Specright Network is a spec-first marketplace empowering all partners of the supply chain: brands, suppliers, retailers, manufacturers, and vendors to collaborate with true end-to-end traceability.

With a centralized ability to share, consume, audit, and authenticate specification data, Specright Network will play an essential part in streamlining best sustainability practices throughout the supply chain.

By publishing and sharing their specifications and material data on Specright Network, suppliers will lead the charge to a more sustainable and traceable supply chain.

The Value of Sustainable Practices with Specright Network

Find New Customers and Supply Chain Partners

Access a vast network of leading brands and trusted suppliers

With sustainability in mind, Specright Network’s marketplace is the best place for innovative, sustainability-focused suppliers and companies to connect. Network has teamed up with the leading brands and suppliers, enabling you to work with your existing partners and find new ones that align with your sustainability needs and initiatives.

Looking for more sustainable packaging solutions? With our future Bidding Process, companies will be able to send product specifications to suppliers and receive recommended packaging solutions with estimated costs. Network Advancements will include a RFQ feature allowing suppliers to send companies estimated quotes and cost back.

Already, companies like Bob Evans Farms, Palermo’s Pizza, and Central Garden and Pet have joined the Network. These future-focused companies are looking forward to the benefits of improved bid and RFQ process,  supplier management, SKU rationalization, and increased collaboration that will come with their partnership with Network.

Brands and suppliers can instantly get matched based on sustainability needs and proximity

Suppliers can publish their differentiators including different production locations, sustainable innovations, commitments, certifications, and product offerings – like the latest packaging catalog using mono materials with high Post Consumer Recycled Content (PCR).

Looking for other companies who are also committed to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation? You can get connected on Network. Whether it’s partnering with closer manufacturers to reduce emissions or finding suppliers that use responsibly sourced materials, you can find the right supplier on Specright Network.

Customer Ready Specifications

Standardized templates allows you to proactively share and collect using the best sustainability practices

To help clients and suppliers navigate this new realm of sustainability data, we have analyzed sustainability reporting needs across industries and have come up with the best-in-class standardized templates for customer ready specifications.

Within the Network, all specifications that previously existed in static documents are now live and can be published to multiple companies at once  – all specifications can be updated at any time. Everyone within the supply chain will have access to the same specifications. With a centralized place for suppliers and companies to communicate, collaboration is made easier than ever.

For best sustainable practices, attributes built into these templates include fields like material changes, carbon emissions, manufacturing processes, and total PCR percentage.

With access to this granular material data, sustainable product development is more achievable with better clarity of a product's impact throughout its life cycle. It will also equip companies with the up to date sustainability data they need to be prepared for EPR schemes in place and on the rise.

Version tracking, allows all suppliers and partners to track the history of any material changes or reformulations. So, when it comes for an audit, all of the past specifications will be readily available, reducing inefficiencies and stress surrounding audit processes.

Previously running LCAs was a resource and time-intensive process. With our templates, all of the material data from Network is integrated to Specright’s core products enabling you to conduct an accurate LCA with a touch of a button.

Want an even more seamless integration of data collection and reporting? With Specright’s reporting and integration capabilities, you can take the material data from the Network and generate relevant and accurate EPR reporting.

Streamline document sharing and sustainable compliance

For suppliers, there are numerous material certifications that need to be shared with customers – such as FSA (Forest Service Alliances) certifications, BPI Certifications for compostability by ASTM standards, Global Green Tag, etc. These documents often expire annually on different schedules, making it extremely difficult to keep updated.

With streamlined document sharing, suppliers now have the ability to publish real-time, up-to-date documents to multiple companies at once, reducing any duplication efforts. Access to all information can be added or provisioned at any time.

Our programmed alerts concerning upcoming expiring documents allow companies to track suppliers for compliance. These proactively shared documents can be used to create sustainability dashboards and reporting within Specright, making sure that companies are confident that they have the supplier documents they need when it comes to auditing.

Achieve your sustainability goals with Specright Network

There is no doubt that the supply chain industry must move in a more sustainable direction, packaging legislation is here and continues to grow in complexity, and your supply chain must be ready. We must close the sustainability data gap for true end-to-end traceability from raw materials, production, to transportation and distribution.

Suppliers have the power to be the innovators who take the first step to closing this data gap. By joining Specright Network, suppliers can publish their real-time material specifications and documents ending the frustration around document sharing between partners.

Companies partnered with Specright will be able to make specification-informed choices to develop more sustainable products, have access to the information needed to run LCAs more effectively, and be better prepared with the data, documents, and certifications needed for compliance across global regulations.

With Specright Network, suppliers and brands can pave the way for a more sustainable supply chain.

Join us on this journey. If you’re attending Pack Expo, feel free to grab time on my calendar, or connect directly with me on LinkedIn and request a demo today.


Danielle Goad

Danielle Goad is the Manager of Specright Network, a Spec-First Marketplace that enables true end-to-end traceability for all supply chain partners. Danielle has held roles across departments at Specright including Project Manager on the Customer Success team and Strategic Program Manager/Academia Manager on the Partnerships team. She leverages her diverse Specright experience to guide the product roadmap, head the Network Beta Program, and manage the Spec Assist & Spec Squad teams. Prior to Specright, Danielle graduated from California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo with her undergraduate in Industrial Technology and Packaging - focused on supply chain.

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