Taking on the role of “Glue Gal” — Introducing the Emerging Leaders Program

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August 9, 2023
Danielle Goad
Specright Network Manager, Specright

Glue Guy (or as I like to say “Glue Gal”) is defined as “Someone that is trustworthy, respected and unites people with a focus towards a common goal. It means someone who successfully bonds two different pieces or several sides of an organization together to function as one unit, even when it's not their role.”

My mentor and previous manager described our work styles by this phrase during my last performance review. He challenged me to think of new ways to bring people together, especially those early in their careers. That is when the idea for the Emerging Leaders program started forming.

I was on my regular LinkedIn scroll, when I stumbled upon the framework of a professional development program at a consulting firm. I have always been passionate about professional development, networking, and mentorship, so what better way to cultivate these interests than to initiate a new program. One of my mentors is known to say, “Don’t recreate the wheel, look to others who are strongly succeeding in their space for inspiration,” so I did just that.

I researched how both startups and large corporations are enabling their young employees to succeed. Then, I took pieces from these models to create my own unique program that fit our culture.

What is the Emerging Leaders Program?

My goals with the Emerging Leaders program are for the aspiring members to feel confident around the 3Ps at Specright, create an outlet for autonomy & exposure through invigorating projects outside of daily responsibilities, and increase visibility to thought leaders in industry and upper management.

Not only will members have opportunities to learn from industry leaders, but they will also connect with each other, spurring collaboration, brainstorming, and innovation in approachable small groups.

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Emerging Leaders Program Pillars

The Emerging Leaders program is centered around three main pillars: Culture, Professional Development, and Radical Candor. As remote work becomes part of the new normal at companies, it is even more crucial to invest in the next generation, support our employees, and have transparency within the company. By fostering these relationships, we encourage fresh ideas through cross-functional problem solving and thriving collaboration.

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Through this program, we can realize the goals set for the company. We are creating strong leaders in middle management, strengthening the alignment to the Specright credo, attracting top talent, and enabling Tiger Team collaboration by introducing fresh ideas and execution around back burner challenges.

According to Matthew Wright, CEO of Specright, we've created a new category of software called Specification Data Management to help companies make amazing things, which has never been done before. So as the company scales, there will be opportunities for employees who are early on in their careers to step into larger roles. This program is designed to prepare them for those opportunities so they can accelerate their growth and ultimately help our customers transform their business with a spec-first approach.

Invest in Your Employees

I encourage others at start-ups to reach out to me if you are interested in starting a similar program and standing out. Pitch the idea to your manager or any executive member you have access to. Align the goals of the program to the goals and vision of the company. Structure the program to support the company’s key initiatives.

And be a “Glue Guy or Gal” to support your peers and create a stronger culture/company.


Danielle Goad

Danielle Goad is the Manager of Specright Network, a Spec-First Marketplace that enables true end-to-end traceability for all supply chain partners. Danielle has held roles across departments at Specright including Project Manager on the Customer Success team and Strategic Program Manager/Academia Manager on the Partnerships team. She leverages her diverse Specright experience to guide the product roadmap, head the Network Beta Program, and manage the Spec Assist & Spec Squad teams. Prior to Specright, Danielle graduated from California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo with her undergraduate in Industrial Technology and Packaging - focused on supply chain.

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