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March 20, 2024
Nick Hoppe
Director of Support, Specright
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The decision to implement a new software solution is no easy task for any company. Not only is investment required, both financially and resource-wise, but what happens after you implement it? How can you ensure adoption and continued value? Digital transformation shouldn’t be a one-off project, but a long-term success story. 

In my role as Director of Support at Specright, I find the best value realized from our Specification Data Management (SDM) platform is when companies empower an internal resource as a Specright Administrator. In fact, I’ve seen so many customers take on this role and become rising stars within their organizations. 

I truly believe the next big LinkedIn job role will be Specright Administrator. 

While a dedicated Specright Administrator is not required to implement our SDM platform, a focused resource can accelerate success. In this blog we spotlight the key benefits of a named administrator, along with the most common responsibilities that come with the job. 

 Accelerate your Go-Live Date

A dedicated Specright administrator accelerates your go live timeline to ensure a rapid return on investment by diving into four key areas of implementation.  

  1. Build  - Your Specright administrator will engage training across teams in advance of the organization’s Specification Management launch, ensuring they become the Specright Expert or go-to person people turn to for advice on how best to use the SDM platform, how to approach process changes, and overall encouragement around change management.
  1. User Acceptance Testing – After completing administrator training, your administrator will play a key role in user acceptance testing, setting you up for high adoption rates.
  1. Go Live – With support from the Specright Customer Success team, your administrator plays an instrumental role in user administration, data management, process administration, data modeling, settings and Conga Composer/PDF.
  1. Post Implementation – Once the system is live, the administrator monitors all the factors built during the go live process and recommends updates as needed to evolve as the business grows. They partner with the Specright team on new features and enhancements that can drive continued value across an organization. 

Benefits of Having a Specright Administrator

Accelerating your go live isn’t the only benefit to dedicating an internal resource as a Specright Administrator.  Our customers point out several other strong results.

  • One customer shared that they reduced Inquiry response times by 63% from just over four hours to under two hours, growing their agility and responsiveness and giving teammates even more confidence in the system.
  • Overall system cost is reduced by enabling the internal team to take lead on routine tasks such as minor enhancements, user permissioning, security additions and data management.
  • User adoption grows by having an internal evangelist who feels confident in the system and inner workings of an organization.
  • A deeper understanding of your processes, culture and specific requirements is nurtured, leading to a more tailored solution that users love, and upon which your organization can thrive.

Recommended Specright Administrator Tasks

The below table outlines the common tasks Specright administrators take on so you can identify the best person for the role within your organization.

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Ready to learn more? You can request a demo of our platform here and you can hear  directly from one  of our incredible customer administrators, Cynthia Hamilton, of BASF.


Nick Hoppe

Nick Hoppe is the dedicated Director of Customer Support at Specright, where he plays a pivotal role in fostering strong connections with every customer who has seamlessly integrated Specright into their operations. His primary areas of focus revolve around risk mitigation, enhancing platform functionality, driving user adoption, and ensuring uninterrupted platform availability.

With an extensive background spanning over a decade in industrial and packaging manufacturing, Nick brings forth a wealth of expertise in systems integration. Prior to his tenure at Specright, he spearheaded transformative initiatives within this space, introducing both internal and external processes that not only bolstered revenue but also significantly reduced operational costs.

Nick's commitment to delivering unparalleled support and his proven track record in optimizing operational efficiencies make him an invaluable asset to Specright and a driving force behind the success of their clientele.

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