How a Leading Medical Device Producer Took Control of Packaging to Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

One of the largest medical device companies in the world, with over 200 biomedical brands in its portfolio, found they were experiencing major bottlenecks due to packaging specification management. After 30 years, the company's packaging portfolio had grown to house nearly 5,000 specifications, of which less than 50% were in use. With a global pandemic, medical device demand skyrocketing, and increasing supply chain delays, spending hours searching for the specs they needed wasn't an option.

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  • Audit packaging operations, saving more than $200,000 of scrap
  • Reduce project lead time from 40 weeks to 8 weeks
  • Realize ROI on the Specright platform within 2 months
"Without Specright, data requests would take hours of work digging through hundreds of PDF files to answer. Even then, we likely would not be able to put together a completely comprehensive list of capabilities. With Specright, I can compile the attached reports in less than 5 minutes and have 100% confidence that I'm giving our team complete and accurate data."

Packaging/Labeling Engineer

Leading Medical Device Manufacturer

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Packaging professionals can manage the entire packaging life cycle, from ideation to production. Easily create, share, and keep track of packaging specifications and work with suppliers to bring packaging to market.

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