Turning Sustainability Into a Reality eBook

Many companies have sustainability goals, but limited visibility into their material usage today.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to put together an actionable plan to benchmark, take action, and report on sustainability progress to turn sustainability commitments into reality.

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  • About the current state of sustainability
  • How to capture and structure DNA-level data
  • To understand how to use reporting and analytics to drive action
“At Bright Future Foods, we talk about wearing our carbon glasses. That’s the area of sustainability that we’ve chosen to focus on and that we can affect. So, that as we do that, others will be able to tackle other pieces to sustainability. I think that’s really the key takeaway is to understand what you can do, go after it, and be part of a bigger solution.”

Kris Corbin

Co-Founder & Chief Supply Chain Officer, Bright Future Foods

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