Sugar Foods: Sweetening Sustainable Innovation with Specification Management

You may not know the Sugar Foods brand off-hand, but you’ve probably consumed one of their products.

Sugar Foods Corporation manufactures sugars, zero-calorie sweeteners, salad toppings, stuffing, and snacks in five locations across the US and Mexico. Their obsession with customer service ensures all 1,400 employees focus on the details, yet their specification management systems were letting them down.

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  • How the team is able to focus on innovation and strategy now, more than chasing static data files
  • How a spec-first approach has streamlined the product development process
  • How one single-source-of-truth for specification data has lead to confidence in data accuracy and collaboration
"We needed a better system, a better tool and Specright is that. Giving engineers their time back. That's the value. They deserve it."

Brittny Ohr

Director of Product Management, Sugar Foods Corporation

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