Specification Management for Food & Beverage

Take control of your data and create traceability with Specright

Greg Roskos talks about why Specification Data Management™ is the solution to the challenges he faced in the food & beverage industry.

Food Specification Trends Driving Change

The emergence of online grocery, consumer desire for better ingredients, and increased labeling requirements has put pressure on the food & beverage industry to deliver.

While these trends are achievable by big and small brands alike, legacy systems and processes prohibit innovation.

With Specright, we take care of managing specification data and automating processes so you can spend less time on process and more time on your products.

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The Food and Beverage Industry is Transforming

Find out how Specification Management is the future.

Case Study: Accelerating New Product Development with Specright Food Specification Software

Each year, Ocean Mist Farms, the largest grower of fresh artichokes in the United States, receives hundreds of requests for new products from their customers. Learn how Ocean Mist Farms used Specright to accelerate produce development.

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Specright for Food & Beverage

Quality & Documentation
Materials, Formulas & Ingredients
Purchasing & Procurement
Packaging Specifications

Take Control of Quality

Spend less time on data entry and more time on quality assurance. Better track issues before they turn into mass recalls. Transition quality forms from paper to digital. Track issues and progress over time, on any device.

Closed-loop quality process – from initiating a corrective action to verifying a change, Specright is with you 100% of the way.

  • Reduce costs associated to defects
  • Increase supplier compliance
  • Reduce regulatory risks

Simplify Purchasing & Procurement

You’re trying to get the best ingredients for your products, but bids can be time consuming and arduous. It doesn’t have to be that way.

With Specright, you’ll simply select the specs you need to bid, select the suppliers you want to respond, and onboard new suppliers – all in one place.

  • Improve supplier – and product – data
  • Reduce time to bid and increase cost savings
  • Mitigate issues & minimize time out of market

Manage Raw Materials, Ingredients, & Formulas

Manufacturing across facilities and geographies can get tricky. With Specright, you can easily centralize and control formulas, ingredients, and raw material specs – so you know what is what.

Go beyond a formula and see how ingredients are used across products using spec families.

  • Reduce incidents related to mislabeling
  • Increase speed to new market entry
  • Increase traceability and mitigate recall risk

Manage Packaging Specifications

Easily search for existing packaging instead of creating new designs. Manage artwork approvals and pack out specs. Leverage packaging templates instead of starting from scratch.

Instantly report on packaging materials across your business. Identify areas to transition to more sustainable options – all within Specright.

  • Reduce the number of packaging SKUs
  • Decrease misprints and accelerate packing
  • Reduce the time it takes to create new packaging

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