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Specright Announces Integration with EcoImpact-COMPASS, Leading Life Cycle Assessment Solution

Specright, the first purpose-built platform for Specification Management, announced an integration with COMPASS, a leading software solution for developing sustainable packaging and products.

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November 9, 2021

Tustin, CA November 9, 2021 — Specright, the first purpose-built platform for Specification Management, announced an integration with COMPASS, a leading software solution for developing sustainable packaging and products.

Trayak’s EcoImpact offers multiple solutions. One of the solutions, COMPASS, a spin-off from the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, enables users to gain insights, like fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions, into the environmental impact of package designs through Life Cycle Assessments (LCA). LCAs are a cradle-to-grave analysis that calculate environmental impacts associated with all stages of a package’s life cycle.

“Prior to the integration, companies typically spent 6-12 months just gathering the product and packaging data required to conduct an LCA across their suppliers and internal departments,” said Matthew Wright, Specright’s founder and CEO. “This data typically lives in spreadsheets, legacy systems, emails and PDFs and has to be standardized and normalized before performing an LCA.”

As a result, LCA’s are done on an ad hoc basis, leaving companies to struggle with sustainability as products evolve and change. With Specright’s Specification Management platform, companies manage all of their product and packaging specification data in a standard, digital format. With the new integration, companies can instantly push data from Specright to COMPASS and run an LCA with the click of a button. This significantly reduces the time it takes to complete LCA’s from months to minutes and makes it easy for companies to accurately analyze sustainability impacts early in the product development process. With increasing and ever-evolving standards and regulations such as Extended Producer Responsibility, the European Green Deal, rejoining the Paris Agreement, and more, companies are realizing they need to be proactive when it comes to the sustainability of their products and packaging.

“Our mission is to help companies accomplish the sustainability goals they set,” said Prashant Jagtap, Founder & CEO of TRAYAK. “Our partnership with Specright means companies can essentially hit an ‘easy button’ and get the data they need to perform LCAs all the time, not just ad hoc. This enables data-driven decisions throughout a product’s lifecycle when it comes to sustainability.”

“True sustainability isn’t a one-time event; it has to be an ongoing process. And you can’t perform LCAs or have accurate sustainability reporting if you’re not managing specification data,” Wright added. “This integration will be a game changer for companies looking to lead when it comes to sustainability.”

“This partnership, between Trayak and Specright, means companies can take their sustainability initiatives to the next level,” said Todd Bukowski, Principal at PTIS, a global management firm focused on packaging. “It’s not only easier for companies to analyze the data but also ensure accuracy since it’s real-time. This is the type of integration that will drive industry forward when it comes to sustainability initiatives.”


ABOUT SPECRIGHT - Specright is the first purpose-built platform for Specification Data Management™. Whether it’s packaging, raw materials, formulas, products, or machines, Specright helps companies digitize, map, and take action across their supply chain to reduce costs, increase profitability, and drive sustainability. For more information, visit:

ABOUT TRAYAK - Trayak is a leader in providing customers with a complete Goals to Reporting platform for sustainability. COMPASS is the first scalable, robust yet easy to use LCA solution specifically targeted to designers and engineers. and sustainability professionals. Trayak enables companies to mainstream sustainability by making it a core part of their day-to-day work process.  Using EcoImpact, companies are able to reduce cost and reduce waste while meeting their sustainability goals.

Specright Named a Gartner “Cool Vendor”

Specright Named a Gartner “Cool Vendor”

Specright Collaborates with ISTA on Online Platform

Specright Collaborates with ISTA on Online Platform

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