The Tools Your Company Needs for Real Cost Reductions

The Tools Your Company Needs for Real Cost Reductions

Specright’s Specification Data Management solution gives your company the tools needed to make truly transformative cost reductions – from packaging bids to consolidation projects to root cause analysis in the case of failures and recalls.

Stop adding staff, layering on processes, creating taskforces, or restructuring and start managing your specifications real-time for more transparent and faster decision-making that truly impacts your bottom line.

Dashboards and Reporting:

Easy to prepare reports give transparency into areas for savings and cost-reduction activities. Your teams can easily and efficiently run reports on areas such as pricing, inventory by location, usage, recycled content, and supplier capabilities.

Consolidation Analytics:

Using the Like Item Finder to identify similar items by packaging type, style, and dimensions, your team can now consolidate and harmonize to begin realizing higher volume purchasing power. Many Specright customers experience double-digit savings on packaging bids, all while seeing a collective enhancement across their supply chain and their company.

Vendor Management:

With specification and vendor data at your fingertips, reducing the time to prepare bids and transition to new vendors is easy. Your team will increase efficiency with suppliers through our Supplier Exchange Portal, while accessing approved specs in one centralized location.

Improve Quality with Efficient Supplier Audits:

With your company’s approved specifications within Specright, root cause analysis is fast and efficient. Specright manages the entire specification approval history allowing easy traceability for changes/revisions.


Using modern SaaS technology that grows with your business prevents you from having out dated technology down the line. As one of the most open, flexible platforms for integration, Specright’s APIs can link into any tech stack.