The Evolution of Products & Packaging

The world is demanding more of products and packaging: they need to travel through different channels, be sustainable, meet ever evolving regulatory requirements, and keep up with consumer tastes.

And most organizations aren’t equipped to keep up.

In The Evolution of Products and Packaging, Matthew Wright provides a first-hand account of the trends that ushered in an explosion of SKUs and an increase in supply chain complexity that plagues manufacturers, brands, and retailers still today.

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Inside the Evolution of Products & Packaging:

You’ll recognize stories of the struggles organizations face when it comes to managing critical data and get a glimpse into the future of how data can drive the answers to some of our most pressing supply chain challenges.

“I witnessed the explosion of SKUs during my time at PepsiCo and the rise of eCommerce as the first CEO of In The Evolution of Products & Packaging, Matthew Wright does more than explain how we got to where we are, but how we can prepare now for where the industry is going.”

Carter Cast

The Michael S. and Mary Sue Shannon Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship at Northwestern Kellogg School of Business

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