Unveiling the Path to Food Safety and Transparency with Katy Jones

In this episode of Beyond the Shelf, Laura Foti sits down with food safety expert and CEO of Trustwell, Katy Jones. As a leading figure in food software, Katy is dedicated to enhancing food safety and transparency within supply chains, offering innovative solutions to help companies excel in evolving landscapes.

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April 23, 2024

On this episode of Beyond the Shelf, Laura Foti had the privilege of speaking with Katy Jones, CEO of Trustwell. Katy is a visionary in the food software industry, championing food safety and supply chain transparency. Her passion for food safety and transparency fuels her dedication to providing innovative solutions that empower companies to achieve their goals and uphold the highest standards in the supply chain.

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The Journey from Communications to CEO

Though Katy’s initial career path didn’t start out in the food industry, Katy transitioned from an aspiring magazine editor with a journalism, communications, and marketing background to a tech leader in the food industry.

With her background in storytelling, Katy was able to utilize this skill to convey crucial messaging. She greatly advocates that storytelling is a crucial skill for executives in driving change within their industries.

Trustwell: A New Name in Food Safety

Katy was the CEO of FoodLogiQ. In 2023, FoodLogiQ merged with ESHA Research, the parent company of Genesis. This merger created what is now recognized and beloved as Trustwell, combining supplier management and traceability with nutritional analysis and labeling. This integration provides tools for increased innovation and aims to revolutionize data connectivity in the food industry.

Tackling Industry Challenges Head-On

Katy stresses the importance of adopting the right technology. Rather than playing it safe and not implementing technologies, the food industry can overcome many existing challenges if they take a leap into what new technologies can offer.

With new technology adoption comes change management. Having effective strategies for managing change within organizations, especially ones that emphasize leadership buy-in and clear vision setting, will be crucial.

Navigating Regulatory Landscapes

One trend that Katy is exponentially seeing is the rise of global regulations. In this episode, she examines how global regulations such as FSMA 204 in the U.S. are shaping technology investments in the food industry. She also shares tips on staying ahead of regulatory changes through proactive technology adoption, continuous learning, and data management practices.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Food Safety

Along with regulatory topics, Katy also shares her predictions on future trends that will influence food safety standards and supply chain transparency.

She leaves aspiring leaders with  pieces of wisdom,  such as the importance of remembering that embracing innovation, fostering transparent communication, and prioritizing safety are key ingredients in transforming challenges into opportunities within the food industry.

Listen to the full podcast episode here for more valuable insights, and connect with Katy Jones on LinkedIn here.

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