Why MSU is Going all in on a Spec-First Approach in the Classroom

In this presentation, Matt Daum, Director of the School of Packaging and CANR Asst. Dean of Corporate Relations & Strategy, Michigan State University, discusses the importance of bringing Academia and Industry together to better enable the next generation workforce. Matt also highlights the partnership between the MSU School of Packaging and Specright.

Matt Daum
Director, Professor, Assistant Dean, Michigan State University

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Here's a Preview of What You'll Learn:

  • The challenges academia is facing including the gap between graduates and open positions
  • Why outside investment is critical for program expansions
  • How industry partnerships are multi-faceted and not one-off engagements
We do informal questionnaires to our students when they come into our program. And by far, the number one reason why they come into packaging is sustainability, and they want to make a difference. And the other thing is the digitization. And they expect to make a difference and to make decisions with systems that operate like their phones. So I think Specright, what you're doing, it hits exactly what our students are looking for.
Matt Daum
School of Packaging Director and Assistant Dean for Corporate Relations and Strategy, Michigan State University


Specright partners with the leading Packaging Academia programs in the U.S., enabling the future workforce with hands-on experience to its Specification Data Management platform.

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