Gartner®: Market Guide for Multienterprise Collaboration Networks

Gartner releases the 2024 Market Guide for Multienterprise Collaboration Networks and named Specright as a Representative Vendor.

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In this report, you’ll learn:

  • Despite increasing disruptions, many organizations still lack the capabilities to have a more holistic, end-to-end (E2E) view of what is happening to and in their supply chains. This includes views upstream to an organization’s suppliers and contract manufacturers, as well as downstream with its logistics and delivery providers. 
  • There are an increasing number of technology vendors offering a variety of capabilities to improve organizations’ abilities to connect and collaborate with various internal and external business partners on both supply chain planning and supply chain execution. 
  • Why the utilization of APIs, emergence of composability, importance of an “open platform”, and push for DSCT and analytics and decision intelligence platforms  are recent  technology innovations  companies should consider when considering new solutions.
“Today, there is a driving need for more resilience and transparency in the supply chain. Organizations experience greater disruptions than ever before, so collaborating effectively with one’s trading partners is a must-have capability. However, most SCM systems are enterprise-centric, and they can’t simply be extended beyond the four walls of the business, becoming multienterprise. With that, lots of challenges occur, including limited visibility into business partners, no data acting as a single version of truth or expensive and complex individual integrations to manage. Now, connecting people, processes and systems across multiple enterprises, digitizing transactions and creating transparent, resilient and sustainable supply chains has become the designated objective.”
Gartner Market Guide - Multienterprise Collaboration Networks

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