Specification Management Summit Video Highlights

A Few of Our Summit 2022 Speakers:

Live From Specification Management Summit, the People of Packaging Podcast

Tune in to the People of Packaging podcast with host Adam Peek to hear from Adam and other influencers in the packaging space talk about Summit and the role they and the event play in serving the packaging community.

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Summit 2022 News

Taking a Spec-First Approach at the Industry’s First Spec Management Summit

Learn why we rebranded and why you should attend the industry's first summit for Specification Management.

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An Event Chair's Perspective: The Specification Management Summit

Get an inside look at Victoria Chatman-Galloway's experience as this year's Spec Management Summit Chair.

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Data Innovation & Thought Leadership Take Center Stage at the First Summit

Missed Summit? Read on to see who was there, what we talked about, new product releases, and (spoiler alert) where our new office is.

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Why Austin?

Thompson Hotel, Austin

This year we returned to our roots in the “Silicon Hills” of Austin, Texas. 

Austin is where our annual technology summit began, formerly known as User Group, and we couldn’t imagine a better place to have our first-annual Specification Management Summit.

Downtown Austin is the place to be for foodies, music lovers, and innovators alike – making it the perfect destination for customers, the Specright team, and indsutry peers to gather for 3 packed days of learning, sharing, and networking. And if you’re evaluating the move to a spec-first approach for your business, there’s no better place than at the Spec Management Summit. 


Specright Founder & CEO

Thanks to All Who Attended