New to Specright: Quality Management, Similar Spec, and Dynamic Clone

Posted on June 27, 2019
  • June 27, 2019

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New to Specright: Quality Management, Similar Spec, and Dynamic Clone

By Adam Armstrong

Adam ArmstrongWe’re excited to announce three new Specright capabilities just in time for summer: Quality Management, Similar Spec and Dynamic Clone.

Now, users can accomplish even more within Specright in a way that’s easy, accurate, and actionable. 

Quality Management with Specright 

We’ve received feedback from quality professionals that having the right specifications at their fingertips – and on any device – has been a game changer. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce capabilities that will further enable quality professionals to take action and take control of quality – all within Specright. 

Take Action with Customer Complaints, Audits, SCARS, and COAs

With Quality Management, users can create and manage Non-Conformances, Customer Complaints, Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCARs) and Material Audits – all tied back to specifications and suppliers for traceability. 

Users can also grant suppliers Specright access, ensuring all parties are on the same page. This can improve supplier relationships by automating communication and collaboration around quality issues and Supplier Corrective Action reports.

Quality Management

Visualize Quality Trends

In addition to taking action, users can visualize critical quality data, enabling trend analysis and historical reporting on defect rates and non-conformances across suppliers, plant locations, material categories and more.

Users can also improve the quality of their products by reducing the volume and frequency of quality issues through better tracking and analysis of QA events.

Proactive Alerts for Similar Specs

Customers loved Like Item Finder so much that they asked us to create a “proactive” one – the result is Similar Spec. Now you can tame SKUzilla by adding guardrails for your product development team, packaging engineers, and anyone responsible for creating a new specification

As users create new specs, Similar Spec will alert them to existing specs that could be used instead. Users can also easily find and connect existing components into a Bill of Materials for new products instead of starting from scratch. This will not only accelerate product development but also reduce SKU proliferation.

And since companies may have different preferences around what they would consider “similar,” we’ve made it configurable so companies can easily define the criteria and tolerances to meet their needs. Furthermore, procurement teams can leverage increased buying power by sourcing higher volumes of fewer specs.

Similar Spec

Accelerate Spec Creation with Dynamic Clone

We’ve given one of our most popular features – the clone button – a massive upgrade. In addition to cloning a spec in its entirety, we’re excited to introduce Dynamic Clone to give users even more control over spec creation. 

With Dynamic Clone, users can select parts of any spec in Specright – raw materials, formulas, ingredients, bill of materials or finished goods and so on – to create new specs and products faster than ever. This results in faster speed to market by creating accurate, complete specs more quickly. Need a similar bottle with a different label? Simply select the parts of the spec you need and deselect the ones you don’t.

Dynamic Clone will also reduce errors from manual spec creation and free up time for users to spend on value-added activities instead of data entry.

Dynamic Clone

Specright Quality Dashboard

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