Reducing Failures Through Audits with Specright

Posted on April 20, 2018
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Reducing Failures Through Audits with Specright

For sourced products (e.g. packaging, ingredients, chemicals), most professionals will admit that the spec they have access to often does not match the actual product being produced today by their suppliers. This can cause major issues in your supply chain, especially with your customers. If the immediate costs aren’t bad enough, the opportunity-cost endured by being placed in “time out” by the customer until the problem gets fixed should be. Even more, why is it that when something does go wrong, no one wants to take the blame?

See what uncertainty looks like in a world without Specright…

Now see how stress-free life can be with Specright

Specright’s “real-time” system and automated audits will ensure your specs are up-to-date and match with your suppliers. Eliminate potential chaos and lower stress levels by having the peace of mind that your specs are up-to-date and accurate all the time.


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