Optimizing Supply Chain Compliance with a Spec-First Approach

Ancient Nutrition focuses on providing nutritional supplements inspired by ancient principles and ingredients. Before Specright, Ancient Nutrition struggled to access data and track customer complaints. Transitioning away from Excel and Google Sheets and into Specright, Ancient Nutrition has been able to tackle these challenges.

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  • How static and siloed systems caused internal and external issues for Ancient Nutrition
  • How Ancient Nutrition uses Specright to maintain detailed and critical specification data
  • How Ancient Nutrition uses dashboards and reporting to locate root issues
“Instead of waiting until the end of the month to look at all the data at one time and trying to do pivot charts to develop trends, we can build reports to look at real-time data. Or if we’re looking for something specific from a timeframe, we can find them when they’re happening. It’s given us a lot of insight, especially when we have a specific area that we need to watch for.”

Tracey DeBee

Quality Manager, Ancient Nutrition

Specification Management Solution for Food and Beverage

Learn how Specright can help you improve collaboration across your supply chain to increase traceability, quality, and compliance, all while addressing your customer’s demands with innovative and sustainable products and packaging.

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