Central Garden & Pet: Scaling a Spec-first Approach to Drive Quality, NPD, and Procurement

A spec-first approach is critical to creating a digital transformation strategy and a must-have in today's supply chain landscape.

That's why Central Garden & Pet chose Specright to manage their packaging, formulas, and manufacturing specs, to regulatory requirements, quality testing, and TOPS diagrams.

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Download the case study to learn how Central Garden & Pet used Specright to:

  • Easily onboard new suppliers, enabling them to resource almost 70 SKUs in a few months
  • Instantly generate critical reports needed for inspections and compliance
  • Speed up finished good spec construction from days to seconds
“We have the capability to manage everything in Specright and know that we’re working with the latest information. Specs are the base – and if it’s in the system, it’s right.”

Paul Gray

Director of Continuous Improvement, Central Garden & Pet

Why You Need Specright

When everyone has access to specifications, amazing things happen – faster product development, improved quality, and less waste.

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