Specification Management for Beauty & Cosmetics

Take control of your data to drive innovation and speed to market

Tom Preston talks about why Specification Data Management™ is the solution to the challenges he faced in the beauty industry.

Trends Driving Change in Beauty and Cosmetics Product Specifications

Changing consumer preferences, the increasing need for ingredient transparency, and the rise of retailers like Sephora has put pressure on the beauty and cosmetics industry.

In order for beauty and cosmetics companies to meet growing consumer demands, they need to look beyond legacy systems and processes that make innovation difficult.

With Specright, we focus on managing data and automating processes so you can spend less time chasing data and more time on bringing innovative products to market.

Case Study: Kira Labs & Fast Beauty

Kira Labs is known for its ability to go from trend to product in record time. Learn how they centralized specifications using Specright to increase speed-to-market and decrease the product development cycle.

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Specright for Beauty & Cosmetics

Quality & Documentation
Materials, Formulas & Ingredients
Purchasing & Procurement
Packaging Specifications

Manage Raw Materials, Ingredients, & Formulas

Your formulas are your secret sauce and are critical to your products. With Specright, you can easily centralize and control formulas, ingredients, and raw material specs.

For advanced formula management, you can associate formulas across products and even report on sustainability goals at a granular level.

  • Increase traceability and mitigate recall risk
  • Increase speed to new market entry
  • Reduce incidents related to mislabeling

Manage Packaging Specifications

In beauty and cosmetics, your package helps you stand out from the crowd. With Specright, you can better manage packaging so you can focus on creating game-changing designs that consumers will love.

Take advantage of spec templates to reduce the time it takes to create new packaging specs. Take control of artwork approvals and pack out specs so your brand is always up-to-date in the market.
Instantly report on packaging materials across your business. Identify areas to transition to more sustainable options – all within Specright.

  • Reduce the number of packaging SKUs
  • Decrease misprints and accelerate packing
  • Reduce the time it takes to create new packaging

Simplify Purchasing & Procurement

Product ingredients can set you apart from the playing field, but supplier issues can arise and create a need for Plan B.

With Specright, you can quickly and easily create an RFP. Simply select the specs you need to bid, select the suppliers you want to respond, and onboard new suppliers – all in one place.

  • Improve supplier – and product – data
  • Reduce time to bid and increase cost savings
  • Mitigate issues & minimize time out of market

Take Control of Quality

Meet consumer expectations every time when you integrate quality and spec management.

Quickly validate ingredients from suppliers and take corrective action if there’s an issue.

  • Reduce costs associated to defects
  • Increase supplier compliance
  • Reduce regulatory risks

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