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Easily create, share, and maintain accurate packaging specifications and collaborate with suppliers with our patented Specification Data Management™ platform, enhanced by automation to ensure efficiency from start to finish.

What Packaging Experts Say
“Specright saves our team a tremendous amount of time while increasing visibility and transparency across our supplier relationships so we can focus on preventing issues."
Jeff Chen
Quality Systems Manager, Jack in the Box
"There is the innovation process that Specright has done, showing that they're listening to the customer and understand the needs of the marketplace and businesses. Specright is continuously making this product better and fitting more niches in the space."
Andrew Scozzafava
Head of Global IT, Maesa Beauty
"Before Specright we were spending way too long just digging into trails of data, trying to put different things together, unsure of where data came from. When we discovered we had the ability to get smart, digitized data that could have dynamic connections between each other, it was a no-brainer. "
Martha Chapman
Packaging Manager, Sovos Brands

Track, Improve, and Report on Packaging Sustainability

Improve visibility across your supply chain to comply with ever-changing packaging sustainability legislation.

Specright’s Packaging Specification Management software enables you to report on raw material usage, get material substitution recommendations, run LCAs in minutes, and easily track and drive sustainability across your packaging suppliers to comply with legislation like the UK plastics tax and EPR reporting.

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Streamline Packaging Processes by Managing Changes & Approvals

Easily collaborate on packaging specifications while standardizing your packaging design process.

Automate and streamline packaging processes to swiftly identify and resolve bottlenecks, ensuring efficient progress from design to production.

Execute real-time packaging changes, updates, and approvals while maintaining version control across internal teams and suppliers. Instantly view, edit, or share specs with suppliers and vendors to ensure all parties are working off of – and making – the right version.

Rationalize SKUs to Drive Efficiency, Sustainability, & Lower Costs

Prevent SKU proliferation using Like Item Finder

Specright’s Like Item Finder lets you easily search for and quickly find similar specs in seconds – instead of the months it would take you in spreadsheets. During new packaging development, Specright flags similar specs that already exist to prevent duplicate packaging from being created in the first place.

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Accelerate Product Development with BOM Management

Link digital specs, individual parts, and components to create a connected, intelligent Bill of Materials.

With Specright, Bill of Material management is transformed from a static to a dynamic process. Link specifications, sub-assemblies, and product components to create a Bill of Materials and Finished Products. Our patented many-to-many relationships let you see what specifications are leveraged across multiple BOMs. Manage critical data from raw materials and packaging with accuracy and clarity, enabling product development that is both efficient and innovative.

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Take Control of Artwork & Labeling

Connect your packaging management efforts by linking artwork specs to packaging.

Upload artwork and labels and relate them to your packaging specs in Specright. Our patented many-to-many relationships allow you to relate multiple artworks to the same structural packaging specification. So if the die line or material changes, all corresponding artwork is flagged for review.

Workflows and approvals allow you to route across teams for approvals. And when things change, you can notify suppliers and vendors to ensure the right artwork is in production. This is especially critical for food and beverage, beauty, and medical devices companies, where labeling regulations and requirements are country-specific.

Mitigate Risk with Unmatched Visibility and Traceability

Enable connectivity between product packaging design and other product components for quality assurance.

Log quality control records, track customer complaints, and create relationships between packaging and finished goods to proactively identify and mitigate risk. By enabling a comprehensive view of packaging, labeling, and artwork across your supply chain, you can ensure packaging quality standards and accuracy, reduce product recalls, and improve time to market.

Go from reactively chasing data to proactively designing innovative packaging solutions.

Reduction in SKU Proliferation
Reduction of Non-Sustainable Packaging Materials Usage
Reduction in Duplicate Specs
Reduction in Packaging Spend
Expanding our Capabilities with Partnerships

Enable More Cost-Effective Packaging & Distribution with TOPS.

Save time and improve accuracy, palletization speed, and planning.

Seamlessly pass data between TOPS and Specright to quickly run packaging scenarios for finished goods and automatically attach the optimal packaging configuration (data and 3D model rendering) in Specright. Additionally, Specright announced the TOPS Lite feature, which requires no separate TOPS installation, ridding the need to configure new software. The Specright & TOPS integration improves visibility into supply chain logistics from the front end of packaging design to the final step of shipping a product.

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Transform Your Packaging Performance with ISTA PackSight

Create efficiencies and visibility for stakeholders across the supply chain.

The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) has partnered with Specright to create PackSight, enabling seamless packaging test planning and reporting for compliance with ISTA industry standards. Built on the SDM Platform, ISTA PackSight enables packaging and supply chain professionals to digitally perform ISTA tests, reducing test time from hours to minutes, making results easily shareable, and ensuring accuracy through a guided test selection process.

How Denso Optimizes Packaging Logistics and Drives Continuous Improvement with Specright

With visibility into packaging at the spec-level – and collaborating with suppliers in Specright – learn how Denso can track purchases and replenishments to understand ROI and find ways to reduce costs and improve sustainability.

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All the data you need to make and develop products in one easy-to-use platform

Specright gives brands and suppliers the control over spec data to drive quality, customer delight, and profitability, in one, easy-to-use Specification Management solution.

Packaging Management Software Solutions
Report and improve sustainability, standardize design processes, and rationalize SKUs.
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Product Data Management
Manage raw materials, ingredients, formulas, recipes, BOMs, and finished goods, search specs and related documents, and identify similar specs quickly.
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Product Lifecycle Management & New Product Development
Streamline product management, quickly build out BOMs, and forecast cost formulas.
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SDM for Sustainability
Dashboards and reporting software enforce sustainability requirements, benchmark and track across suppliers, and comply with EPR and the UK plastics tax.
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Supplier Management
Drive traceability and accountability, track supplier performance, and supplier community.
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Quality Management
Drive visibility and traceability, prevent quality issues, and document management and actions.
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Document Management
Document storage, add meta data, manage expirations, rules, and workflows, connect to suppliers, ingredients, products, and BOMs.
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The State of Specification Management Report
In recent years, we’ve seen rapid growth in companies digitizing, centralizing, and collaborating on their specification data. But with this growth, comes lingering challenges -- specifically around legacy software solutions, manual processes, and companies trying to address growing compliance and regulatory pressures.

Read the report to learn why legacy systems like PLMs, ERPs, and non-purpose built solutions are proving insufficient to manage the granular level of specification data. You'll also learn about initiatives companies are taking to address these challenges and optimize their data management.
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Implementation Services

We get it – your data is scattered across your supply chain. Our team of professionals is here to guide you every step of the way so you can take control of your data and get up and running on Specright.

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Spec Academy

Our online certification program teaches you how to use a spec-first approach to supply chain management. Start today and get started on your path to becoming Specification Management Certified.

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