Summit 2023: Net Zero Cloud: Building a System of Engagement for All Things Sustainability

In this presentation, Kevin Vranes, Global Product Lead, Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, discusses how sustainability management is rapidly evolving and why companies need to act fast in order to achieve net zero commitments.

Kevin Vranes
VP Net Zero Cloud, Salesforce

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Here's a Preview of What You'll Learn:

  • Why organizations need to act after making a commitment to achieving net zero
  • How to measure, track, analyze, and report on your ESG data
  • How Specright and Net Zero Cloud are integrated to provide more value to customers
“At Bright Future Foods, we talk about wearing our carbon glasses. That’s the area of sustainability that we’ve chosen to focus on and that we can affect. So, that as we do that, others will be able to tackle other pieces to sustainability. I think that’s really the key takeaway is to understand what you can do, go after it, and be part of a bigger solution.”
Kris Corbin
Co-Founder & Chief Supply Chain Officer, Bright Future Foods

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