Introducing Specright – Built For Packaging Manufactures and Distributors

Specright is driving value for both buyers of packaging and those that make or distribute packaging:
  • Implement new, fast technology to replace old portal systems that are outdated or hard to manage
  • Market your specification database / catalog with your company branding
  • Leverage your clients’ use of Specright to expand your business offering
  • Use internally to share designs and collaborate around the globe, reducing wasted time lost on duplicate design efforts
  • Provide an easy-to-use reference system of existing products to increase the speed of your sales and customer service teams
  • Manage your external packaging buy within the system, allow for greater efficiency and enable purchasing economies of scale
  • Join the Specright User Group and network with potential clients
  • Align with Specright for future product releases that will enable you to be ahead of your competitors

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    Specright In Action: Calpine Containers Case Study

    With multiple vendors, Calpine needed to create consistency among them to ensure quality for their customers. By partnering with Specright, Calpine was able to move all of their packaging specifications into a cloud-based specification management system, which is available 24/7 for key stakeholders at all of the company’s locations and for sales representatives on the go.