Streamline Data Sharing with Customers

Empower brands, suppliers, and vendors with a single source of truth at the spec level. From product development to lifecycle management, teams can leverage data to improve planning and execution and the supplier relationship as a whole.

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One Single Source of Truth
Most packaging data is spread across internal departments or external vendors along the supply chain using static documents, legacy systems, and shared drives. Specright was purpose built to reduce packaging waste by digitizing and controlling  packaging specifications.

As a tech-driven company, R+F knew there had to be a better way to manage packaging specifications and drive sustainability than in spreadsheets or shared drives.
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All the Data You Need to Make Things Right, Every Time

Specright gives brands and suppliers the control over spec data to drive quality, customer delight, and profitability, in one, easy-to-use Specification Management solution.

Our Commitment to Sustainability
At Specright, our vision is to live in a world without waste. We realize that’s a bold statement, but it is possible. We help our customers make products and packaging right, every time. Today, people and companies, want to be sustainable, but there is a data gap between ambition and action. We believe Specright can help you bridge that gap and achieve your sustainability goals.
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“Where we see sustainability opportunities for us in the industry as a whole is looking for biomass reduction. And with packaging, we use a tremendous amount of corrugated or paper products in general, and we need to be able to recognize what those products are that we’re packaging with, being able to identify volumes, costs and so on, so that we can actually put number to those biomass reductions in relation to the amount of corrugated, amount of paper, anything that goes into the packaging product.”
Darrin Maue
Packaging Engineer, Caterpillar
“Nailing the spec side of specifically anything emissions-related in our business case is definitely key. Having a tool such as Specright in our hands and at our disposal will enable us to adapt and move more quickly as emissions regulations change."
Maks Celhar
Implementation Project Manager, BASF
“At Bright Future Foods, we talk about wearing our carbon glasses. That’s the area of sustainability that we’ve chosen to focus on and that we can affect. So, that as we do that, others will be able to tackle other pieces to sustainability. I think that’s really the key takeaway is to understand what you can do, go after it, and be part of a bigger solution.”
Kris Corbin
Co-Founder & Chief Supply Chain Officer, Bright Future Foods
Sustainability in Action
Increase Your Top-Line, Bottom-Line, and Green-Line Growth with Specright