Streamline Data Sharing with Customers

Specification data crosses company departments, functions, and priorities. From product and quality, to sales and marketing, to sourcing and leadership – accurate specification data is the foundation for delivering on your goals.

When everyone has access to specifications, amazing things happen – faster product development, improved quality, and less waste.

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One Single Source of Truth
Most packaging data is spread across internal departments or external vendors along the supply chain using static documents, legacy systems, and shared drives. Specright was purpose built to reduce packaging waste by digitizing and controlling  packaging specifications.

As a tech-driven company, R+F knew there had to be a better way to manage packaging specifications and drive sustainability than in spreadsheets or shared drives.
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Supplier Collaboration

Empower brands, suppliers, and vendors with a single source of truth at the spec level. From product development to lifecycle management, teams can leverage data to improve planning and execution and the supplier relationship as a whole.

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Why You Need Specright

Specright enables you to drive intelligence, traceability, and collaboration within your organization and across your supply chain. We do this by transforming siloed, disjointed specification information into a single source of truth, with invaluable real-time data streams that accelerate nearly every supply chain effort.

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All the Data You Need to Make Things Right, Every Time

Specright gives brands and suppliers the control over spec data to drive quality, customer delight, and profitability, in one, easy-to-use Specification Management solution.

Discover the Value of Specification Management

As the first patented, cloud-based solution for Specification Management, Specright is leading the way in digital transformation for companies making amazing, sustainable products and packaging.