Soylent: Driving Proactive Quality & Accelerating LCAs with Specright

Before Specright, Soylent's critical product and packaging documentation was spread across hard drives, Dropbox, and Google Drive. This made it difficult for the team to innovate and prevent mistakes from occurring. As Soylent moved from a startup to a mature business, they needed to put the right process in place to manage specifications.

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Learn how Soylent harnessed the power of Specright’s Specification Data Management platform to achieve outcomes like:

  • A more proactive approach to quality
  • Reduced mislabeling & claims
  • Increased LCA processes and efficiencies
“Now it takes me longer to draft an email to my co-manufacturers than it does to actually run a report and export the quality data to send them. It's literally a click of a button."

Jennifer Blaser

Senior Quality Manager, Soylent

Why You Need Specright

When everyone has access to specifications, amazing things happen – faster product development, improved quality, and less waste.

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