Sustainability Starts with Specifications

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword. Companies of all sizes and across industries have committed to making their products and supply chains more sustainable. Not having a plan when it comes to sustainability is no longer an option: customer demands, government regulations, climate change, and social responsibility initiatives are all part of the reason that sustainability is now a standard corporate initiative. 

However, when it comes to making sustainability a reality, many organizations don’t have the tools in place to easily understand and track the sustainability of their products and packaging. 

With both industry professionals and the market demanding more accurate reporting, sustainability has to start with base-level specification data. The only way to analyze, share and take action on this level of data is to harness the power of Specright’s Specification Data Management™ platform. 

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Specright’s Specification Data Management™ platform makes it easier for companies to measure, analyze, & take action on sustainability.

One of the biggest problems in sustainability today is the lack of visibility surrounding it. All too often, companies set goals without knowing exactly where they stand. Specright is helping companies shift from being reactive to proactive and turning their sustainability goals into definable, measurable actions.

How to Drive Sustainability


Digitize and associate DNA-level specification data to products, materials, suppliers, vendors, and finished goods. Propagate changes through linked specs with our patented many-to-many relationship capabilities.


Data must live within the Specright SDM Platform to be analyzed. Now, raw material usage can be benchmarked with dashboards and reports to identify bottlenecks, trends, and progress over time.


Take action with your insights. Make changes to ensure your products’ materials and packaging are in compliance. Identify sources of waste and perform material optimization to save packaging costs.

Key Features

Capture Data

Easily capture the DNA-level data of products and packaging to create a baseline of materials across your supply chain. Leverage our Spec Squad to help gather, standardize, and digitize your specs to get you up and running quickly.

Template Libraries

With over 50 templates to choose from, Specright has you covered for quickly understanding what data you need to capture in the first place to easily report on sustainability efforts.

Analyze & Report

Out of the box reports and dashboards provide readily-accessible, accurate, real-time sustainability metrics that are critical to being able to quickly understand the current state of your product suite. See where the company is trending and pinpoint areas for improvement while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Specright IQ

Our Specright IQ recommendations engine can proactively scan specifications and surface insights into how to make your products and packaging more sustainable.

Like Item Finder & Duplicate Rules

80% of sustainability costs are made in the design phase. Like Item Finder and Duplicate Rules enable sustainability in the ideation and design phase by helping companies reuse the most sustainable specs that already exist in Specright.

Accelerate LCAs

Quickly export DNA-level data to run LCAs faster than ever – and track progress over time in between Life Cycle Assessments.


Easily collect data from suppliers – with Specright, suppliers can access the platform, so you can turn sustainability insights into action with your partners.

Rationalize SKUs

Easily consolidate SKUs across your product and packaging portfolios to more sustainable options using Like Item Finder.

Go to Bid

Once you identify changes, enable procurement and purchasing teams to easily create and share bids with vendors to start making products more sustainable.

What Our Users Say

We’re not just creating sustainable products, but carbon negative products…and we need specs to do that.
Kris Corbin, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Bright Future Foods
We're building our spec data foundation so we can rationalize SKUs and drive cost savings and sustainability across our portfolio.
Victoria Chatman-Galloway, VP of Packaging, OFI
As we add more specs and run them against sales, we can see what truly adds value. Being able to review specs with sales data is changing the way we do business.
- Chief Innovation Officer, Kira Labs


Managing Packaging & Driving Sustainability

As a tech-driven company, Rodan + Fields knew there had to be a better way to manage packaging specifications than in spreadsheets or shared drives. Learn how Specright enabled them to not only manage packaging, but track and identify opportunities to drive sustainability.

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When companies approach sustainability performance with specification data, the possibilities of finding new opportunities are endless. From eliminating material usage in packaging to finding alternative suppliers that meet specific criteria – Specright puts all of your data in one place and enables you to track sustainability progress that’s been made. And with our powerful analytics engine, Specright IQ, you’ll get recommendations on which materials can be swapped out towards environmental and cost savings to make the business case in addition to the sustainability case. 

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