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A Shift to Supply Chain Sustainability

The era of transformational change is upon us and the pace of change is accelerating rapidly. Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges shaping this era. New, and ever-changing regulations, sourced materials, and consumer preferences demand sustainability, but with little visibility into packaging and supply chain specs, it’s difficult to track, analyze and benchmark metrics.

Rising to the Challenge of a More Sustainable World

For years, companies have knowingly or unknowingly overlooked the impact they have when it comes to sustainability. This was due to a lack of awareness, lack of control around data, and a lack of oversight. It’s not just something “nice” to do, it’s now a necessity. Now, with protocols around Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Greenhouse Gas (GHG), CO2e emissions, and climate change being implemented across the globe, more responsibility is being put on producers to ensure packaging and products is sustainable and the manufacturing impact on climate change is reduced.

Chat with Matt - Sustainability: Bridging the Gap Between Vision & Action

Join Specright Founder & CEO Matthew Wright for the first virtual "Chat with Matt" session to learn how to make your sustainability goals a reality. Kris Corbin, Co-Founder and Chief Supply Chain Officer, of Bright Future Foods, joins the discussion to share insights on what it means to keep sustainability at the forefront of product innovation.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Specright, our vision is to live in a world without waste. We realize that’s a bold statement, but it is possible. We help our customers make products and packaging right, every time. Today, people and companies, want to be sustainable, but there is a data gap between ambition and action. We believe Specright can help you bridge that gap and achieve your sustainability goals.

Specright Vision, Mission, & Credo


A Spec-First Approach to Sustainability

Make Your Sustainability Strategy a Reality vs. a Goal

Many companies are struggling with reliable visibility, sustainable design, and delivering on goals that are oftentimes set at a corporate level. Some companies don’t even know where to start on setting goals — but are being forced to act by emerging regulations. Aggregating and understanding specification data can be a manual, lengthy process that typically has to be performed year after year. A task which many companies cannot feasible manage annually from a resource and financial standpoint.

Watch John Blake, Sr. Analyst, Gartner Research, present at Specification Management Summit.

How Specright Can Help with Your Sustainability Goals

Specright’s Specification Data Management platform makes sustainability optimizations easy, across any stage of the product life cycle, through digitization at the DNA-level data of a product. 

By taking back control of their data, companies can have the confidence to accurately report their current status, make the right strategic decisions for their business, optimize packaging and source the right materials and suppliers. 

Are you ready to transform your business, and the world?

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