What’s New in Specright: Release 9.0

By Ravi Ghandi

What’s New in Specright: Release 9.0

Posted on September 21, 2020
  • September 21, 2020

What’s New in Specright: Release 9.0

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Release 9.0 is now available to Specright users! 

We’ve added capabilities around inventory visibility, Orders, a new look and feel for Specright Files, and Many-to-Many File Upload. Your feedback helped bring these new features to life and we’re so excited for you to put them to work!

Take Inventory Visibility to the Next Level

Now you can tie inventory levels to any product, specification, part, formula or ingredient. This level of inventory visibility allows users to make smarter decisions when creating new products.

For example, ensure available inventory is tracked and used, analyze whether inventory levels are meeting the businesses needs, and reduce waste and storage costs due to idle inventory.

Inventory data can be pulled in from other systems using the Specright API or customers can choose to input inventory data directly into Specright. 

Intelligent Tracking & Costing 

Users can now track Purchase Orders, Sales Order Acknowledgements, and Invoices in Specright. Users can see which spec, finished good, part, formula or ingredient an order is related to. 

By tracking orders in Specright, users can easily roll-up the total annual spend on each product or individual specification, providing greater visibility into annual costs.

Specright Files Gets an Interface Upgrade

Managing files within Specright is easier than ever. We’ve added major interface and experience enhancements, including:

  1. Advanced permissioning
    • When uploading new files, users can select the groups they would like to share the files with. This gives users the ability to control access to files, which can be useful in cases where the files have sensitive data. 
  2. New on-screen notifications
    • Now, users get instant confirmation and notification of successful file uploads within Specright. 
  3. Addition of loading progress indicators 
    • Users can see the loading progress in real-time to ensure files are uploaded correctly. 

Save Time and Reduce Data Inputs with Many-to-Many File Upload

Specright’s many-to-many file upload allows users to upload multiple files and associate them to multiple records. Users can choose from existing files or upload new files to start building many-to-many file connections, instead of having to upload documents over and over to fit the typical to many file relationship framework.

This reduces the amount of time it takes to add a file to many records independently, saving customers time and enabling them to focus on high value tasks.

To learn more about how to put these features to use, register for our New Release webinar or reach out to a member of our team.