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Product Release 25.0

Release 25.0 is now live! The Specright team introduced a new integration with 1WorldSync (GS1 Data Pool), Specright Tasks to help manage projects directly in Specright, and enhancements to customer-favorite features such as the FDA Integration, Lorax Integration, and Change Requests. The team is excited to release these helpful features out to meet our customer’s everyday needs. Watch the product videos to learn about these features. 

Watch the Product Videos

Here's a preview of what some of our new features enable: 

  • Create tasks with complex dependencies 
  • Global data consistency and efficient data management 
  • Maintain real-time accuracy and address compliance issues in a timely manner 
  • Easily configure mapped fields in the Lorax Integration
"We needed a better system, a better tool and Specright is that. Giving engineers their time back. That's the value. They deserve it."

Brittny Ohr

Director of Product Management, Sugar Foods Corporation

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