Making Sense of ESG & Sustainability

As many of us have experienced first-hand, sustainability regulations and commitments are on the rise in every industry - all of which are both complex and hard to follow. That’s why we created this whitepaper, to offer a comprehensive overview of today’s foremost sustainability regulations and initiatives. After delving into their origins we will outline their implications for businesses, and building a more sustainable future.

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In this report, you'll learn...

  • The difference between ESG and CSR
  • An overview of current sustainability regulations and commitments such as the UK Plastics Tax and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and why they came to be 
  • How a Spec-First approach addresses the aggressive increase of sustainability regulations and legislation 

“Where we see sustainability opportunities in the industry is looking for biomass reduction. And with packaging, we use a tremendous amount of corrugated or paper products in general, and we need to be able to recognize what those products are that we’re packaging with, identify volumes, costs and so on, so that we can actually put number to those biomass reductions in relation to the amount of corrugated, amount of paper, anything that goes into the packaging product.”
Darrin Maue
Packaging Engineer, Caterpillar

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