The Spec-First Approach

Bridging the gap between vision and success is a strong data foundation. That foundation is the spec. We believe if you get the spec right, the rest follows.

The Evolution of Products & Packaging
Matthew Wright, Founder & CEO, spent over 20 years as a packaging executive and entrepreneur. During this time, he witnessed firsthand the effects of product waste, product delays, and the mismanagement of product, quality, and packaging data.

He recognized a more streamlined and efficient process, so teams could spend less time chasing data and set their focus where it mattered - on making amazing, sustainable products that grow business.
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“It is a priority for our organization to still have a small atmosphere and to ensure the team is doing value-added tasks. This requires everyone to be trained properly and aligned on how we are using the system. Data entry and data locating isn't something anyone wants to do but when we do it, we need to do it right."
Alisia Heath
VP, R&D and Quality, Whisps
The Value of a Spec-First Approach
Specification data crosses company departments, functions, and priorities. From product and quality, to sales and marketing, to sourcing and leadership – accurate specification data is the foundation for delivering on your goals.
Get Things Right, Every Time
Sustainability or Profitability? With Us You Can Have Both
Free Up Time for Innovation
A World Without Waste
Imagine the effects if we eliminated “allowable waste” for good. It’s a simple concept with a huge impact. Mass adoption of a spec-first approach to data management could put a sizable dent in the $61.7 billion in allowable waste the U.S. retail industry faces each year. 

Our dedicated sustainability dashboard tracks and reports on progress over time, delivers insights to make products and packaging more sustainable, and flags opportunities for material changes or consolidation – a great tool to maximize the sustainability of your business practices.
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Why Specification Data Management is the Future of the Supply Chain
In this eBook, learn the macro trends impacting supply chain data management, understand the importance of taking a spec-first approach, and see how companies across industries are using Specification Data Management to reduce costs, create efficiencies, and drive sustainability.
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What is Specification Management?
For years, companies have been managing specification data in spreadsheets, legacy systems, pdfs, and other incompatible sources. Without a single, uniform source to house data, these businesses risk error. Our solution allows companies to manage this foundational data proactive and in real-time.
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With Specright’s Solution Suite, you can digitize, centralize, and link your specification data to drive efficiencies, intelligence, traceability, and collaboration within your organization and across your supply chain network.

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