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Specright Partners with Chainalytics for Packaging and Supply Chain Expertise
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Irvine, CA (January 8, 2021) – Specright, the leader in Specification Management software, has announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Chainalytics, a global leader in data-driven supply chain consulting and package engineering, to maximize the value it provides to Specright users. Following a successful year of working together, Specright and Chainalytics…

TOPS integration
Specright Announces Integration with TOPS to Enable More Cost-Effective Packaging and Distribution
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Irvine, CA January 06, 2021 — Specright, the first purpose built platform for Specification Management, announced an integration with TOPS, the market leader in Palletization Optimization and Design Software. TOPS enables companies to better optimize how products get packaged and palletized so brands can fit more products in fewer shipments. This ultimately saves companies money…

Regulatory Challenges in Pharmaceutical Packaging and How to Address Them
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The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t allow room for error.  This is the case not just for product quality, but also how products are packaged and labeled. Packaging is highly regulated around the world to ensure products are safe from contamination and tampering, as well as to ensure critical information related to dosage, usage, manufacturing, expirations, and…

Reducing Regulatory Risk in the Cosmetic Industry with Product Specification Management
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The cosmetics industry often comes under fire from consumers since products do not need FDA approval before entering the market.  However, that doesn’t mean cosmetics aren’t strictly regulated.  There are a number of cosmetics regulations companies are required to follow. What’s more, companies still have an ethical and legal responsibility to properly label their products…

Regulatory Challenges in Packaging: Meeting the Needs of Food and Beverage Manufacturers
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The food and beverage industry is heavily scrutinized by the FDA, not just in terms of the ingredients you use but also in the way your products are packaged. Because packaging comes in direct contact with the product, food and beverage manufacturers have to follow strict requirements to ensure quality and safety for consumers.  Packaging…

3 Digital Initiatives Your Company Should Consider to Thrive in a Post-COVID-19 World
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As we all know, the pandemic was a wakeup call for modern supply chain infrastructure.  Of course every supply chain had and still has weaknesses or areas that can be improved.  But COVID-19 showed us what supply chain darwinism can look like first hand, and yes, only the strong (and flexible, agile, and resilient) survived…

Accelerate Product Development with the Right Data Management Solutions
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You can’t rush perfection – or can you?  Creating a new product is never a decision to take lightly. Bringing new products to market requires countless hours of research, development, testing, and marketing, not to mention the associated costs. Companies must be especially calculated when it comes to choosing which new products to pursue.  The…

supply chain visibility vs. traceability
Supply Chain Visibility Vs. Traceability: What’s the Difference?
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Supply chain visibility and traceability are both essential for improving supply chain functionality. Many companies have limited knowledge about how their supply chain works outside of one or two upstream or downstream layers. By gaining more transparency throughout the supply chain, companies are in a better position to identify inefficiencies, reduce complexities, and improve decision…

supply chain risk
Mitigate Supply Chain Risk with Master Data Management
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Reliable supply chain data is critical to ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, and ongoing operability. When data is missing, incorrect, or inaccurate, it opens the doors for a number of business risks that could harm profitability, create delays, and damage your reputation.  To mitigate supply chain risk, organizations are turning to better ways to collect, share, and…

Packaging Dangerous Goods? Here’s Our Top 5 Tips for Success.
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A few years back, Amazon was slapped with a major fine ($872,000, to be exact) for violating shipping standards for hazardous materials.  The price tag is shocking, but not as shocking as the level of danger those violations could cause.  After all, when packaging dangerous goods, noncompliance can harm more than just your business. In…