Partnering for Success: SAP and Specright

In this presentation, Kange Kaneene, Vice President, SAP.iO Foundries, discusses the partnership between SAP and Specright, enabling our customers to achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively.

Kange Kaneene

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Here's a Preview of What You'll Learn:

  • How SAP and Specright are working together to deliver more value to customers
  • How the SAP.iO program is accelerating startup innovation
  • Use cases between SAP and Specright
“Specright and SAP have significant customer overlap so integrating our solutions is extremely valuable to our current and future customers.”
Kange Kaneene
VP, SAP.iO Foundries North & Latin America

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When everyone has access to specifications, amazing things happen – faster product development, improved quality, and less waste.

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