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Release 20.0: Nested Formulas and Ingredients, Revision Management, Spec Compare, & Supplier Maps

Introducing Release 20.0. Check out the latest Specright features, designed to help you save time, supercharge your supply chain, and continue making amazing things. Watch the on-demand Release 20.0 product video to see what's new.

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Here's a preview of what our new features enable:

  • Formulation functionality expansion, to help our users add even more detail to their product data
  • Increased Spec Compare record volume
  • More streamlined version control with new Revision Management filters
  • & more!
“Specright has exceeded our expectations on value to the process and the business. Our pilot deployment improved cycle time by >60%.”

Rod Patch

Director of Packaging, Johnson & Johnson

Why You Need Specright

When everyone has access to specifications, amazing things happen – faster product development, improved quality, and less waste.

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