Product Specification Case Studies

Learn how customers use Specright to take action

Proactively Driving Sustainable Outcomes with Specright

Bright Future Foods is on a mission to be one of the first fully carbon negative CPG companies. But becoming carbon negative is no easy feat – it takes innovation, creativity, and most of all, extremely detailed specification data management.

Learn how Bright Future Foods chose to manage their specs, enabling them to accurately manage carbon inputs and credits to become carbon negative.


Scaling a Spec-first Approach to Drive Quality, NPD, and Procurement

A spec-first approach is critical to creating a digital transformation strategy and a must-have in today’s supply chain landscape.

Learn how Central Garden & Pet centralized specifications to increase speed-to-market and decrease the product development cycle.


Optimizing Packaging Logistics and Driving Continuous Improvement

Automotive packaging presents many challenges when it comes to managing it – from extremely high transportation and warehousing costs, to long lead times for procurement and purchasing.

Learn why Denso chose Specright to better plan and allocate primary and backup packaging to avoid costly errors and delays with shipping and warehousing.

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New Product Development

Each year, Ocean Mist Farms receives hundreds of requests for new products from their customers.

Learn how Ocean Mist Farms used Specright to accelerate product development and increase data quality.


Digitizing the Supply Chain

As Grimmway Farms expanded the brands in its portfolio, each addition made managing packaging production difficult.

Learn how Grimmway Farms used Specright to take control of packaging specs that resulted in time and cost savings.


Managing Packaging & Driving Sustainability

As a tech-driven company, Rodan + Fields knew there had to be a better way to manage packaging specifications.

Learn how Specright enabled them to not only manage packaging, but track and identify opportunities to drive sustainability.

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Driving Smart Procurement & Preventing Mislabeling

With thousands of SKUs and dozens of bakeries, one of the largest producers of packaged bakery goods in the US was finding specifications and purchase orders increasingly difficult to manage.

Learn how they used Specright to enable smarter purchasing and operational efficiencies.


Managing SKU Proliferation

Calpine Containers is a packaging distributor, creating packaging solutions that take produce from farm to retailer around the world.

Learn how they used Specright to consolidate SKUs, reduce costs, and report in real-time.


Enabling Fast Beauty

Kira Labs is known for its ability to go from consumer insight to store shelves in record time.

Learn how they centralized specifications to increase speed-to-market and decrease the product development cycle.