The Specright Story

Every business starts with a simple question.

For Specright founder Matthew Wright, that question was simple: “Why are specs so disorganized?

For over 20 years, he had traveled across the country selling packaging to businesses both large and small, watching everything you can imagine be made, and seeing firsthand the colossal shifts in industry that affect us still today.

“From automotive, to aerospace and food packaging, I saw that industries were struggling with inefficiencies that stemmed from a lack of packaging and product data. I also realized any data that did exist was typically worthless because it lacked a common nomenclature. Not only was it frustrating, it was bad for business.”

Most importantly, he witnessed the change of control from the producers of product to the retailers who sold it. With the consolidation of retailers, the growth of private label, and consumer demand for variety, the packaging industry exploded.

Complexity was growing exponentially and companies were struggling to keep up with this new way of doing business.

Matthew Wright, Founder & CEO

“To the kid who grew up organizing everything around him, the answer seemed simple: a standard specification system that everyone would work and collaborate on.”

It also seemed logical. Designers want to design, producers want to produce, and that can’t happen efficiently unless there’s a standard way of doing things. With this realization, Specright’s Specification Management platform was born and has grown to serve multiple industries and stakeholders across the supply chain.

Our Core Values


The customer is front and center of everything we do at Specright.


We strive to be active listeners and assemble the best talent from industry & tech.


Specright should be easy to use and enable customers to achieve better results, faster.