The Specright Values

Our Vision

To live in a world without waste. 

Our Mission

To help people and companies make amazing, sustainable things.

What if we lived in a world without waste?

As humans, our lives are governed by constraints. 

We only have so much time.

We only have so much money.

Our planet only has so many resources.

Today, people – and companies – want to be sustainable. 

But there’s a gap between ambition and action. 

At Specright, we believe in empowering people with the data to close the gap between ambition and action when it comes to sustainability.

With a spec-first approach to managing products and packaging, companies can eliminate waste across their business:

Free Human Capital

Too many talented people are chasing data instead of taking action. By giving teams the right tools and data, they can spend less time managing data and more time innovating. 

Remove the Choice Between Sustainability and Profitability

We believe the dilemma between making sustainable or profitable products is a false one. When people and companies have end-to-end supply chain data, they can optimize for sustainability at any phase of the product life cycle – or stage of the supply chain – to drive not only sustainability but profitability as well. We imagine a world where companies can be profitable and sustainable and consumers can buy affordable and sustainable products. 

Get Things Right Every Time

Most companies budget for “allowable waste” – the concept that mistakes will happen and products or materials will have to be thrown away. We believe that when your supply chain partners have access to live, accurate data, these mistakes can not only be avoided, but eliminated altogether. 

Our constraints remind us that everything in life is precious.

And with more access to information, we can ensure what’s good for our business is also good for the world.

The Specright Credo 

Our credo reflects our values, aspirations, and most importantly, our promise to customers.

We love what we do

A significant influence in our life’s journey is our career. Therefore, we allow for days that are challenging and tasks that are difficult; feeling accomplished in the journey we are on, the noble work that is being done, inspired by all that is left to do, and respect for those who are doing it with us. 

We positively engage with those who need us

To accomplish this, we will educate, listen, reflect, and share; not only with our current business partners but with those who don’t know they need us yet — all the while being open to teaching with pride and humility. 

We look to problems and challenges as opportunities

Providing real solutions that enable people to spend more time doing amazing things for the improvement of all is a goal we will never lose sight of. 

We will be active learners

To be active learners, we will be open to failure, have the ability to listen to others, and then reflect on those learnings weighed against our own vision for the future. 

We will work to simplify the complex

To provide true value, we will always balance our knowledge of the industry with that of leading-edge technology solutions. Our industry experience and strong knowledge of technology should always be in harmony. We can never rely on only one of those elements or let one override the other’s value. 

Success will allow our customers to make amazing things

Our ultimate goal is to be known as the world’s platform that companies use to simplify their supply chains so they can focus their time on being strategic, creative, and making amazing things.