My Customer Success Internship Experience

By Andrea Derrick

My Customer Success Internship Experience

Posted on September 6, 2019
  • September 6, 2019

My Customer Success Internship Experience 1024 768 Specright Specright

What brought you to Specright?

I first heard about Specright through Danielle Goad, who interned at Specright last summer. I have an information systems background and was interested in the customer success aspect of empowering people through technology. 

I was intrigued by Specright’s Specification Data Management platform and the benefits it provides for customers, ranging from food and beverage manufacturers to beauty and cosmetic companies. But the main thing that drew me to Specright was the people. Everyone is so passionate about their jobs and believes in the mission of Specright that I wanted to experience it for myself.  

What did you learn while you’re at Specright?

One of my favorite things that Specright taught me is the importance of good company culture. Everyday I was surrounded by intelligent, kind, driven, and supportive co-workers who motivated me to succeed and I truly looked forward to going to work. A special thank you to the customer success team, especially Adam, Bri, Nate, and Chris, for teaching me there is no such thing as too many questions and that you should take every opportunity to say yes to learning something new. 

I also loved how I was able to learn more about the product and understand the outcomes our customers achieve with Specright. I’m excited to continue to grow my career in helping people use and benefit from technology.

Why are you interested in manufacturing and packaging?

Before Specright, my knowledge of packaging and manufacturing was minimal. From my first day, I began to learn about all the moving pieces it takes to bring products to life. 

It’s amazing how packaging is part of everything we experience but I never thought about how it was created before joining Specright – there is definitely more to packaging than meets the eye. I love how it is always being reinvented to be more efficient, cost effective, sustainable and so on. There is always something new and that is what makes it a great industry to be apart of. 

What are you excited about on the road ahead?

There is so much to look forward to in the future. I’ll be finishing my college undergraduate education at Cal Poly this winter and looking to pursue a career in the space thereafter. This internship has given me a glimpse of what being in the workforce is like and makes me extremely excited for the road ahead. I’m ready to learn, fail, succeed, grow and show “the art of the possible” in myself.